About Feel Better Massage

My approach to massage is very different from most.  First, I see only a few clients each day so I am able to tailor each massage session to the client’s preferences.  Second, I have highly developed intuition that allows me to find “exactly the right spot” needing attention.  Finally, most clients report real results. They tell me that they feel substantially better in just one massage session, and that the improvement lasts days, weeks, or longer. 

For over 15 years, I have been developing my unique approach to bodywork and I have incorporated many types of massage, structural bodywork, and energetic healing.  Every session I do is “hand-crafted” to the client’s preferences:  everything from Relaxation Sessions to my “Intuitive Healing Massage” and Therapeutic Sessions.

My Relaxation Massage is a nurturing blend of very slow, soothing relaxation strokes (Swedish and Esalen style) along with very light lymphatic drainage-type strokes.  Sessions can include head, foot and hand reflexology massage and an infusion of healing energy work (Reiki & Ch’i Gung).  It is excellent for relieving stress and tension, lowering blood pressure and stimulating blood circulation while calming the nervous system.

My Intuitive Healing Massage is a combination of soothing massage plus advanced structural bodywork.  As needed, I apply soothing, relaxation massage strokes (Swedish, Esalen, cross-fiber) with body stretching(Yogassage, Thai, structural integration, strain-counter-strain, positional release) plus deep tissue releases (accupressure, shiatzu,  trigger point, myofascial massage) with healing energy work (Reiki, Ch’i Gung) and (as needed) advanced osteopathic and physical therapy techniques, (cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial unwinding, direct & indirect tissue releases.

My Therapeutic Massage uses a technique that I developed which I call Myofascial (or “Connective Tissue”) Massage.  This technique focuses on specific client injuries and very effectively releases adhesions, sprains, strains and torsion patterns from soft and connective tissue.  Clients frequently report that they are once again able to move their bodies in ways that have been impossible for years.  This technique is particularly successful in freeing up whiplash, sciatica, frozen shoulder, sprained ankle/wrist, osteo-arthritis and other similar types of connective tissue challenges.

Each of my massages is intended to restore a sense of freedom … freedom from stress and tension, freedom from specific aches and pains, freedom from structural limitations and chronic pain …. and to bring back a sense of comfort and ease to your ability to move.  It is my commitment to provide a deep, yet gentle healing session which relieves tension and pain and provides deeper relaxation than other types of massage. 

 It is my very great pleasure to work with each of my clients to help them to feel better immediately. If, while reading these pages, you have wondered if I can help you feel better, please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to respond to your questions or to book an appointment for us to work together. 

In order to provide the massage you want to experience, I may include

  • Swedish and Esalen Massage

  • Reiki "Universal Life Energy" (opening up places in the body where energy is "stuck" to restore a sense of peace and harmony)

  • CranioSacral Therapy (connections between upper and lower body pain)

  • Positional Release and Strain/Counter-Strain (identifying ‘planes of resistance’)

  • Myofascial Release (Direct & Indirect)

  • Cross-fiber (tracing source of pain)

  • Acupressure (freeing blocked or stagnant energy)

  • Yogassage (stretching & relaxing limbs to identify limits to range of motion)

  • Bowen Technique (identifying & freeing pain-affected tissue)

  • Chi Gung energy system balancing

  • Kinesiology (Applied) (a way to check & test my work to insure no new limitations were introduced)

·   Swedish and Esalen Massage - stroking, kneading, rocking and calming the muscles and nervous system, relaxing the overall system

Reiki (“Universal Life Energy”) and Ch’i Gung Chinese Energetics - allow me to sense where energy is stagnant or non-flowing in the body and to channel healing energy to these blockages in order to open them and relieve physical and emotional pain, balance the body's energy.

CranioSacral Therapy - addresses and releases dysfunction in the muscles, fascia and joints through direct and indirect manipulation of the bones of the head, the cranial sutures (joints) and fluid rhythms.

Strain and Counterstrain (also known as Positional Release), the “opposite” of stretching, is an indirect technique to painlessly release tender/trigger points quickly by temporarily repositioning the body in the position of greatest ease, the "Counterstrain" position.  Advanced Strain and Counterstrain uses directional pressure with specific positioning to perform myofascial releases.

Direct and Indirect Myofascial Release - myofascial comes from the Latin “myo” for muscle and “fascia” for band -- used to ease pressure in the fibrous bands of connective tissue, or fascia, that encase muscles throughout the body. This technique relaxes and releases restrictions of the connective tissue by gently and subtly holding connective tissue towards or away from a point of restriction, then following, or unwinding the inherent, non-muscular movement in the body. It can be applied to whole limbs, surface areas, joints, and even structures as small as a tooth!

Cross-fiber - releases patterns of chronic tension in the body through slow strokes and/or deep finger pressure on contracted muscles, either following or going across the grain of muscles and tendon. Can be used for specific areas or full-body.

Acupressure - used to stimulate points along the Chinese energetic meridians of the body in order to break up stagnant or slow moving energy   (From Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Yogassage / Thai Massage Massage - applying firm rhythmic pressure to almost every part of the body, then gentle stretching of the limbs in order to identify/release where tension is held.

Bowen Technique - involves a rolling type movement over fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Kinesiology– (muscle testing) working with the body's nervous systems to identify weaknesses in the body-mind complex.

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