My Background and Training

My name is Karin Pine.  I am first and foremost a Healer. I offer an intuitive approach to massage and bodywork supported by 20+ years training, study and experience in massage, energy healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Structural Bodywork, personal awareness and consciousness work.

I first studied massage (Swedish and Esalen) in the 1970’s while in university.  At the time, giving and receiving massage seemed to me simply a pleasant and enjoyable way to spend time relaxing.  Years later, because of my own urgent need to find relief from pain, I set out upon my healing journey.

A car accident in 1985 had left me with physical damage and constant pain.  Despite MRI results that showed 3 badly herniated disks in my spine, I now have absolutely no pain in my body today, nor have I had any in over 10 years.  I am able to comfortably do things -- normal things -- like hiking, climbing, and yoga. At the time, however, orthopedic specialists assured me I would never do any of these again without surgery to fuse my lower spine.   Unwilling to submit to surgery, I started searching for alternatives to conventional medicine that could help me.  When I found something that worked, I stayed to study it.

This began first with treatment sessions, then studies and apprenticeships in Taoist Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine and later, advanced forms of structural bodywork.  Finally it led to my walking away from my career as a literary agent in Hollywood, to share with others what I had learned.

Meanwhile, I deepened into my own personal journey, identifying and healing issues and teaching other to do it as well.  I founded and ran Topanga Healing Center in Los Angeles for 4 years. I taught metaphysics, healing and spiritual journeys, and hosted "Metaphysical Happy Hour," a weekly public gathering, which presented speakers on many healing topics.

My bodywork incorporates all of the different approaches that helped me.  The experience and skill resulting from those years of study, training and commitment to healing are now available to you in sessions of my Intuitive Healing Massage.  Most importantly, I believe that the most useful skill that I have is my ability to listen….  To listen to you.  To listen to your body.  To listen to my hands.  And, having listened, to take appropriate action to accomplish the most positive outcome.  That is what I am referring to as “intuitive”.

Late in 2001, I left Los Angeles to move to Tecopa Hot Springs, CA.  Tecopa is too small to call a town, located in the middle of some of the most barren desert in the world.  And yet, many find their way to my door, and when they do, they often ask me how on earth I ever 'ended up' here.

It is the water.  The mystical, hot healing vortex mineral waters of Tecopa.  More ancient and more alkaline than almost any water on Earth.  I came to Tecopa, and without knowing it at the time, I formed a partnership with my new healing ally, the Tecopa Hot Springs mineral waters...  through that partnership, a new form of intuitive healing massage developed.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing

Traditional Chinese 5-Element Medicine, Chi Gong, T’ai Chi, Kung Fu, Acupressure, Tui Na Chinese Massage and Herbology

 Hands-on energy work  and remote energy work (distance healing), Shen and Reiki Energy Healing.

 Massage and Bodywork

Swedish and Esalen Massage, Tui Na (Chinese Healing Massage), Emotional Release/Symbol Linking Therapy, Yoga, Thai Massage, Watsu, Structural Integration, Bowen Technique, Direct and Indirect Myofascial Release & Unwinding, Strain-Counter Strain, Cross-Fiber, Hot Stones, Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, CranioStructural Integration 

New Massage Techniques I have developed:

Myofascial (Connective Tissue) Massage

Tecopa Clay therapeutic massage

Professional Affiliations

Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Practitioners. 
Tecopa Hot Springs Massage is licensed in Inyo County, California.


Karin Pine   (760) 852 4478 

Corner of Tecopa Hot Springs and Elias Roads, Tecopa CA 92389